Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Mr. Finn,

Every day is a new surprise with you, little guy. Can you believe you are 10 months old already? It sure has been a fun month for us! We are already drenching in you in holiday tradition. Of course, we would do anything to see that little face light up.

We went on a rainy camping trip with your Aunt & Uncle and your cousin, Sydney. You two are really warming up to each other. Sydney had some reservations about this little baby that started coming around and sitting in her Momma's lap. That is her spot and she would have at least appreciated you asking her permission. Sydney showed you how to eat Crunch Berries and you showed her how to play with trucks. We stayed in the trailer most of the wet weekend but built a big fire and you and Sydney alternated taking naps throughout the day in the stroller. You sure do love being outside.

Your Mommas have been taking your uncle Jaiden to the pumpkin patch every year since he was 3 years old!! It was pretty special to take you with us this year, our fifth year in a row. It was wet (again) so we just bundled you up and strapped you onto your Momma's chest for safe transport. You were a total trooper as your uncle walked us around the entire patch looking for a round pumpkin with no green and a long stem. Finally we walked out with the perfect one and enjoyed a little bonfire and hot cocoa. 

We also went to the Harvest Fest in Hood River with your Grandma, Mike, Uncle Larry, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Silas, Sydney, and your Mommas for a little fall tradition, good food, and fresh fruit. Your Uncle Silas rented his dream car, a brand new Honda Odyssey mini-van. He was so happy to finally have an excuse to take 'er out for a spin. You are getting more and more adventurous and it is sometimes a little difficult to stay on the sidelines in the stroller but you did the best that you could! It is pretty awesome to continue our yearly traditions with you as a part of each one. You are a very flexible dude and don't mind a jam-packed social schedule.

We took your first two flights this month...nearly back to back. One week, your momma and you flew to Texas to meet your Nana and uncle Mike, aunt Amanda, and your cousins, Aaron, Aidan, and Ella. That was an adventure. It was almost 6 hours on a plane, 2 hour layover, and an hour long ride to uncle Mike's house. You slept most of the way but Momma was still getting over a cold and we were both very happy when we saw your grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins at the gate! In fact, you were so happy that you squealed out and started waving like you'd always known how. Ever since then, you started waving back to anyone who catches your glance.

It was good to be with family! It was quite the reunion with the energy of all 4 kids running and playing all around the house. Ella was very happy to help you finish your snacks in exchange for playing with all of her toys. You love making music and I barely saw you the whole weekend without her maraca in your hand. 

We went to the pond and fed turtles. There were tons of turtles, all different sizes, shapes, and colors. They kept coming out of nowhere, you could see their little heads poking out of the water as they swam toward us from across the pond. We spent some time down by the ocean and spotted sea turtles and pelicans on the pier. You even took your first ferry ride! You sure seemed to enjoy the sight seeing!! You really loved your cousin, Aiden in particular. You kept following him around the house and planting kisses on him. He was happy to claim you in return. He kept calling you "his baby."

As luck would have it, there was a Hurricane developing off the Gulf of Mexico near your uncle's house and the weather caused the airline to cancel our flight home. We had to arrive early for our new flight because Mommy left her ID on the plane to Texas and we needed extra time to clear security. 

The next several hours sort of went like this: Full pat-down and luggage search at security for Mommy. Thankfully, your Nana was traveling with us this time and you sat with her and flirted a bit with the TSA ladies. Weather conditions delayed the new flight schedule three times, by three hours. A lightning advisory at Corpus Christi airport would not allow fuel trucks to refuel our plane, leaving us on the runway for an additional 45 minutes. After we arrived in DFW Nana, Momma, and you (in stroller), sprinted and light railed more than 20 minutes through one of he busiest and largest airport in the country to make our connection flight home. We made our boarding call by 10 minutes!! You seemed to reach your limit on that last flight home. Your snacks seemed less exciting, toys less interesting, and Mommy and Nana less entertaining. We passed you back and forth as much as we could to mix it up and keep you comfortable but you were thrilled to get off the plane and see your Mommy!! Luckily, your carseat made the connection to our flight in Portland. Unluckily, none of the luggage did.

There was a lot of excitement between the tropical storm weather, meeting all those new family members, and over 10 hours in a plane, I guess we shouldn't have been too surprise that you caught some sort of bug. We got home late Saturday night and by Monday morning, you had a 103 degree temperature and couldn't do much but sleep and snuggle mommas. We already had a trip to Fort Collins planned the following Wednesday and we were relieved to see you snapping out of it Tuesday night and perked up to your normal self for the journey Wednesday morning. It was pretty heart wrenching to see you feeling so crummy for these first time mommies. You were feeling good enough to plant a few smooches on yourself when we arrived at the hotel in Denver Wednesday night.

Fort Collins with the Smallies was an absolute blast. You had a terribly upset tummy your first night there and didn't sleep for most of the night and your Mommies did their best to comfort you. Things turned around for you the next morning and, per usual, you loved being outside. Colorado was a great way for you to get outdoors and adventure. We bundled you up and took you to see your first snow. You thought it was delicious.

Halloween in Fort Collins was a very exciting evening on your first Trick-or-Treat experience. We met Willy Wonka, drank fizzy lifting drinks, and you kept showing off your new skill at waving hello and goodbye. 

It was an awesome trip and both the mountains and Ft. Collins were beautiful and serene. 

You did great during travel since you had both mommies on your flight home. You got a bit grumpy once we landed back in Portland. Memories that will last a lifetime...

This month flew by and the holidays sneaking up around the corner, our calendar is filling up quickly. Your birthday will be here before we know it! You have really developed a lot this month and we get excited about every little milestone. You are getting better and better at cruising your walker around the front room, feeding yourself snacks by taking bites of things like cookies or crackers, saying "mama" when you see one of your moms, and pointing to and recognizing objects that make you excited. You love small stuffed animals, trucks or anything with wheels, any toy that makes noise when you shake it or hit it against something, and sharing whatever your mommas are eating. 

We love you, Monkey. Can't wait to see what happens this month...

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