Monday, March 2, 2015



You’re two months old. We are absolutely obsessed with you. You have been just as perfect as we imagined you. You have had an adventurous two months. I suppose it has proved to be more of an adventure for your mommies and more of a sleeping on every surface of the house marathon for you.

During the time you spend awake, you love lounging under the sea in your “whale” and stretching out your legs. Your eyes have just started to light up as the starfish and clown fish dance above to the erratic beat orchestrated by your tiny flailing feet.

You are definitely keeping your mommies on their toes. As soon as you get into a routine, you change it up on us. You have always been a good sleeper but you continue to surprise us by sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the night or refusing to lay down anywhere but tucked up close in either one of our arms.  

Comforting you when you’re upset has both been a blessing and a shift sleeping, baby-duty rotating, stinky-diaper changing, bottle washing, back-burp patting, spit-up wiping marathon. 

As adorable (and perfect) as you are, you are a lot of work.

You sleep in your crib (when you’re in the mood) at night but you keep pushing back, despite our best efforts. No worries, little one… We will happily snuggle you through the night as long as you need.

One thing that never ceases to calm you down is bath time. I think we all learned the hard way that if the water isn't deep enough, you are excellent at creating an impressive pee fountain all over the kitchen counter.

You met your dentist, Dr. Pike, because, oh yeah, you were born with a tooth. Or, in Dr. Pike’s opinion, you have two little, tiny baby teeth growing in together. I’m inclined to believe him. You got an all clear at the dentist office and set the record for the youngest patient ever seen by Dr. Pike.

We are sure having a great time developing a sense of style for you, while we still can. Although you are growing so fast that your outfits only fit you once or twice, we are taking full advantage of how adorable you look in every single one.

Even though you napped the entire time, we took our first family trip to the beach. It has always been a special place for The Mommas and we felt very lucky to share it with you. Hopefully, you'll open your eyes long enough to actually see the ocean next time.

We love you so much, little man. We will spend every single day loving you, smooching all over you, and adoring you. If you can, try to cut us a break, we are learning as fast as we can and doing our best to keep up with you.