Wednesday, July 8, 2015



You're six months old! The months just keep flying by. This month has been an awesome one for all of us. Just today, we visited your pediatrician who once again passed you with flying colors! You are just lighting up the world with that smile!

You are almost sitting up all by yourself, eating yogurt and stage 2 baby food, holding your bottle all by yourself. You are always learning and watching everything that your mommmas are doing. It doesn't take you long at all to get the hang of your new skills once you try it for the first time. You are always trying to get better until you master it! 

We had some pretty special events this month as well! You celebrated Father's Day with both of your grandpas! It was very special to see you with all of your cousins and aunts and uncles over the weekend. You sure fit right in with the rest of the family!

We also went camping to celebrate your momma, Julia's, 27th birthday! YOU. LOVED. IT!!! We were both so surprised how much you loved being outside, listening to the leaves rustle in the trees, and dipping your toes in the water. There were too many adorable photos over those two days. We booked a few more trips for you this summer and we are definitely looking forward to getting you back out there!

You went to the Children's Museum with your Momma, Julia, Grandma Cherie, and your cousin, Gabe. You were content the entire time in the stroller but didn't spend much time playing around quite yet. You were even in a great mood when we got kicked out due to a fire drill! You cousin Gabe even played you a little song on the piano!

Since this has definitely been a month of adventures, we decided to have just one more! You drove to Olympia with momma and Great Grandma Willie to meet some of your great cousins, Andrea and Zach! It was a long drive and a wreck along the way added an extra hour and a half to the journey but you were an absolute trooper. On the way up, we stopped off the side of the road to cool you down on the air conditioner and you fell asleep the rest of the way. Momma and you spend your first ever night in a hotel room in the same bed together and you almost slept through the whole night! So proud of you, Mister!

We love you, Baby Boy. We are constantly amazed by your desire to learn and see and touch new things. You are beautiful and your smile and baby talk brings joy and laughter into our home. You do the silliest gestures and facial expressions and they melt your mommas' hearts.