Thursday, August 6, 2015



Holy wow! I know we’ve said it before but the months are just cruising on by! This month in particular has been a huge developmental month for you and we are loving our front row view. You're almost crawling but seem to want to skip right to walking. Your Johnny Jump up at your Nanny's and your walker at home are definitely getting some use. You even "drove" a fire truck! Don't grow up too fast, buddy. 

You've started imitating sounds and words that you hear and regularly send yourself into giggling spells that light up the whole house. You're picking up your yogurt melts and other snacks and making about 80% of them all the way to your mouth. 

As always, your smile is permanently glued to your face making it impossible to stay frustrated with you for any length of time. You have spoiled us by sleeping through the night pretty much from the time we brought you home. You are giving it your best efforts but some nights you just need to snuggle your mommas while your second tooth makes its debut. Between Mommas and Nanny Cheryl, you've been on many grocery store runs this month for your absolute favorite teething pain reliever: celery! (its also worth noting that you had your first successful unassisted shopping cart ride in your Tigger outfit below...)

In addition to your celery, you are quite the adventurous eater. You've eaten momma's homemade avocado & banana purees, cantaloupe, snow peas, and you especially love oranges and yogurt. So far, we haven't seen much that you haven't enjoyed. 

We celebrated your first 4th of July at your Aunt & Uncle Lal's house and your Papa and cousin Sydney! You and Sydney were both excited about the fireworks as long as you possibly could stand it. It made for a late night and each of you were snuggled up sleeping on your mommas by the time they fizzled out... 

We welcomed a new member to our family this month, Ursula the African Leopard Tortoise. We drove out to Oregon City to pick her up and met her mom, Tank. She weighed more than 30 pounds! Ursula is almost a year old, fits in the palm of your mom's hand and will hopefully grow up to be as big and beautiful as her mommy.

This month has brought a lot of snuggling and a lot of laughing. You love to play with toys, dogs, books, food, and of course, your Moms!

Your first summer is one of record breaking PDX temperatures and trying to beat the heat has been tough. Between your rubber ducky pool, a roasting pan, or your first trip to the family river spot, Wagon Wheel, you have taken to the water like a true Webster. We are so proud of you! On your first trip to the river, you waded right in without hesitation! You were the cutest babe on the beach!
Searching for more fun in the sun, we headed to the 2015 Sandy Mountain Festival. Sandy is where your mom, Julia, grew up. It was really special to take you there and watch you soak up the sights around you. You are so curious and anxious to learn, see and try new things. Your Nana and Aunt Connie are absolutely smitten with you and the entire morning turned out to be an excellent event for all of us.

You also helped your Mommy, Julia, and Nanny Cheryl "babysit" Ethan and Gwen while their mom, Brooke, was working with your other mommy, Carley. We all had too much fun at OMSI and Bullwinkles playing with shark teeth, learning how to unload a crane, and laughing at Gwen and Ethan while they completed an electric current. Of course, you napped when you needed to and almost made it the full three days before losing your cool. We actually slept like a rock that night. Such a trooper.

Little dude, your social calendar keeps your mommas busier than ever. We are doing our best to keep up with you and loving (almost) every minute of it. Can't wait to see where you'll take us next!

-The Mommas