Wednesday, December 16, 2015



The year is flying by and you are growing up more and more every day. Your four little teeth have really filled out your precious smile and we just fall more in love with you everyday. 

You're definitely starting to develop your own little personality this month and you're doing everything in your power to communicate with us. You can say your own version of "momma" "dog" and "baby" pretty well but you've learned how to shake your head yes or no when you see something you like or don't like and you point to everything. We've also managed to find other ways to ask for more of your favorite snacks instead of your original approach which was yelling at the top of your lungs. Those favorite snacks currently include Kix cereal, mandarin oranges, Pirate Booty, freeze dried strawberries, and bananas. Boy, do you love bananas. You've started eating noodles, eggs, soup, potatoes, chicken, brussel sprouts, and whatever else your Mommas are eating at dinner time as you've decided you're too grown up for any more baby food. Even some of your favorites will no longer do. You are drinking juice, water, and whole milk out of a sippy cup but your favorite is still your bottle. 

We kicked off the month with a few special events. Our good friends, Ellen & Nate are having a baby and we threw a party to reveal the gender to them in front of their family and friends. It was an excellent time and we can't wait to meet baby BOY Scott!

You also helped your mommas in a very special Jones family tradition; setting up Nana's Christmas village. It has grown quite a bit every year but the ritual is essentially the same. It is bigger and better than ever before, adding an additional 30 inches to accommodate a Dickens themed graveyard. It turned out fantastic. It takes a few hours and you patiently (and not so patiently) waited for us to set up the scene. 

We upgraded our car this month! Your Uncle Silas helped us get a brand new Honda Accord! We got to the dealership late and had to wait a bit for everything to finalize so you and your cousin had to find some way to entertain yourselves...and each other. Your cousin Sydney has really taken an ownership in making sure you have everything you need. She makes sure you have your pacifier and/or ample snacks at all times. You two kept us laughing even though it was very late and you were both very tired.
We experienced a bit of tragedy this month in the Webster House. Your buddy and Mommies' dog of over 8 years, Shane, passed away. You loved to play on him and kiss him straight on the nose. It was very sad and we still miss him and watching the two of you bond together. Its a bummer to know that you probably won't remember him but he played a very special role in your Mommies lives, he was our first baby before you. You two were good friends for however short a time.

This Thanksgiving was an exciting weekend of family events! You've started pulling yourself up on your feet more and more but haven't quite gathered the confidence to walk without holding someone's hand. On Thanksgiving morning before we left the house, you decided it was time to give it a shot. Since the Christmas decorations are already out, the Disney christmas band your Mommies bought a few years ago has been on the window sill for a few weeks. You love it! You love to point up at the silent characters and wait with delight for one of your Mom's to cue up the band! Your hips swing back and forth and you crawl up as close as you can get to dance along and ask for encore after encore. But on this particular morning, you were so excited that you didn't even realize you'd left the safety of your walker and took 5 or 6 big steps toward the band! And we got it on camera! We sure love sharing these precious exciting moments with you, buddy.

We celebrated at Nana's house in the morning with Great Uncle Ray and Great Aunt Connie, TT Nicole, and Keenan. It was a beautiful day and we took some family photos outside in the cool, clear weather. They turned out great for just some snapshots taken on momma's iPhone. The food was delicious and our tummies were full as we headed to your great Great Aunt Maribeth and Great Uncle Randy's house for our second Thanksgiving and round of family shenanigans and good food. 
It was a packed with friends and family, some new, some old, and you vibed off all the positive energy. You kept dancing with the dancing snowman and picking yourself up and taking steps all over the front room. You're really starting to take off and every time you try, you just get that must better. 

We ate, we laughed, we played games, we listened to your cousin Zack lay down some sweet tracks, and we headed over to your Aunt & Uncle Lal's house for a short sleep before meeting Grandma at 5 am for Black Friday shopping! We got you and your cousin hooked up with most of your Christmas and Birthday presents. It made for a 5am - 8pm day full of shopping, coffee, laughter, food, and good company. Your aunt Leslie was singing beautiful christmas carols as we drove from store to store to keep you happy. You sure love music. Even Auntie's acapella version of "O Come All Ye Faithful."

You slept when you needed to and though you were getting fussy by the end of the day, we were not surprised. You and Sydney were absolute troopers to let your crazy mommies drag you all about town in persuit of some great deals.

You are growing so fast and we are just doing our best to keep up with you. You are so sweet and easy going. You're happy to open up your mouth and give some nice sloppy kisses when you want to and we couldn't be happier to wipe your drool off my face after you give them. You'll be 1 next month and we get to celebrate Christmas for the first time together. We couldn't be more excited. You have a lot of people ready to give you fun toys and precious clothes. Let the party planning begin. Your first year of life is already coming to a close. How does it feel, buddy? We have loved (nearly) every minute of it.