Saturday, September 5, 2015



Hey there baby boy!

You're 8 months old and even though we wouldn't have thought it possible, we love you more every single day. We better just warn you now, you're destined for a life of "awww" and "you're so cute" and two very emotionally invested Mommas. We have absolutely loved this month. You are really starting to connect with us in the most precious of ways. Nothing seems to make you as happy as seeing a Momma after they've been away for a while a work. It sure melts our hearts. You light up and start jumping and clapping your tiny little hands together. It makes the days at work go by just a little faster and it makes shaking off the stress of work a whole lot easier.

You finally did it, little man, you inch-worm crawled your way all the across the room!

We couldn't believe it! You've really been working at it and apparently all we needed to do was tempt you with a little piece or two of watermelon! Now that you've got it down, your baby soft knees are feeling it. You're in the process of building up some calluses on your knees and they get all red when you've been crawling around a bit. 

We wouldn't be too surprised to see you take your first few steps on your own in the next month or two. We even thought you might just skip crawling all together. You are always pulling yourself up on things and standing solo for 5-10 seconds all by yourself. (We're sure when you read this, you won't think that's a big deal. Just wait til you have a baby of your own, Son.) Can't wait to see what you learn this month!

Speaking of being tempted by food, you are loving everything you eat! We are doing our best to find something that you don't like but we have had no luck. Your favorites are avocado, banana, melon, and oranges. You are always happy to share a piece or two of licorice or a few licks of a mommas' ice cream! You've sampled a few handfuls of sand and twigs which have all been well received. Nothing seems to sooth you as much as curling up with a fresh bottle.

You finally cut through your second tooth. Although we loved your single little "Popeye" tooth, your two bottom teeth fill up your precious little smile and help you chew up some of your favorite treats.

We went to the zoo for the first time with your Mommas and your uncle Jaiden. It was hot and a lot of the animals weren't out where we could see them. We spent a lot of time running your stroller through the misters stationed around the zoo while your uncle ran through them next to you. You did have an awesome interaction with a chimpanzee who picked his nose but other than being the cutest tiger in the zoo, you didn't seem to care about the big animals yet. It was no disappointment as you were in the best mood all afternoon and kept everyone's spirits up.

We met your Grandma, Mike, and Cameron at the Portland Soap Box Car Derby at Mt. Tabor Park. It was a riot. Some of the cars were really fast and others barely made it to the finish line. We saw a hungry, hungry hippo, pirate ship, slug, and R2-D2 cars. Maybe we will see our own derby car in the race next year...

You saw your great grandma and grandpa. If you can't tell by the photos, you were as fond of them as they are of you. Such a sweet thing to see.

Your fashion sense is on point. Its worth mentioning. You are one well-dressed gentleman.

You've also been keeping in touch with your two close friends, Landon and Wyatt. It will be really cool to see you all grow up together. We even met Stella, Wyatt's new baby sister. You aren't the youngest one in the group anymore, buddy!

We went on what we are sure will be the last camping trip of the summer. You and your cousin Sydney got some serious bonding time. It is really awesome to see the two of you creating memories together even before you'll remember them. We all got a kick out of watching you and Sydney play together, share your toys, and teach each other new things.

Also on the camping trip, we rented a pontoon boat and spent the entire day on the lake. You loved it. You didn't love the time spent in the life jacket but it didn't take you long to shake that off and take a little nap in the life jacket. You even took a few turns driving the boat! 

Watching you in nature definitely feels like watching you in your natural environment. You love being outdoors and seem to derive a sense of inner peace from it. In fact, you were so at ease, you were taking 3 naps a day! You love getting in the water and watching everything as it flew by you on the pontoon. We are so proud of how well you sleep in the tent, stay calm and relaxed by yourself (or with your cousin Sydney) in your pack and play while the Mommas tidied up around camp or cooked dinner.

You're the best, dude. You have changed our lives in so many ways and nothing seems to stay the same anymore. You are constantly changing and learning. You inspire us to be kinder, more patient, and genuinely show our love to one another.