Wednesday, December 16, 2015



The year is flying by and you are growing up more and more every day. Your four little teeth have really filled out your precious smile and we just fall more in love with you everyday. 

You're definitely starting to develop your own little personality this month and you're doing everything in your power to communicate with us. You can say your own version of "momma" "dog" and "baby" pretty well but you've learned how to shake your head yes or no when you see something you like or don't like and you point to everything. We've also managed to find other ways to ask for more of your favorite snacks instead of your original approach which was yelling at the top of your lungs. Those favorite snacks currently include Kix cereal, mandarin oranges, Pirate Booty, freeze dried strawberries, and bananas. Boy, do you love bananas. You've started eating noodles, eggs, soup, potatoes, chicken, brussel sprouts, and whatever else your Mommas are eating at dinner time as you've decided you're too grown up for any more baby food. Even some of your favorites will no longer do. You are drinking juice, water, and whole milk out of a sippy cup but your favorite is still your bottle. 

We kicked off the month with a few special events. Our good friends, Ellen & Nate are having a baby and we threw a party to reveal the gender to them in front of their family and friends. It was an excellent time and we can't wait to meet baby BOY Scott!

You also helped your mommas in a very special Jones family tradition; setting up Nana's Christmas village. It has grown quite a bit every year but the ritual is essentially the same. It is bigger and better than ever before, adding an additional 30 inches to accommodate a Dickens themed graveyard. It turned out fantastic. It takes a few hours and you patiently (and not so patiently) waited for us to set up the scene. 

We upgraded our car this month! Your Uncle Silas helped us get a brand new Honda Accord! We got to the dealership late and had to wait a bit for everything to finalize so you and your cousin had to find some way to entertain yourselves...and each other. Your cousin Sydney has really taken an ownership in making sure you have everything you need. She makes sure you have your pacifier and/or ample snacks at all times. You two kept us laughing even though it was very late and you were both very tired.
We experienced a bit of tragedy this month in the Webster House. Your buddy and Mommies' dog of over 8 years, Shane, passed away. You loved to play on him and kiss him straight on the nose. It was very sad and we still miss him and watching the two of you bond together. Its a bummer to know that you probably won't remember him but he played a very special role in your Mommies lives, he was our first baby before you. You two were good friends for however short a time.

This Thanksgiving was an exciting weekend of family events! You've started pulling yourself up on your feet more and more but haven't quite gathered the confidence to walk without holding someone's hand. On Thanksgiving morning before we left the house, you decided it was time to give it a shot. Since the Christmas decorations are already out, the Disney christmas band your Mommies bought a few years ago has been on the window sill for a few weeks. You love it! You love to point up at the silent characters and wait with delight for one of your Mom's to cue up the band! Your hips swing back and forth and you crawl up as close as you can get to dance along and ask for encore after encore. But on this particular morning, you were so excited that you didn't even realize you'd left the safety of your walker and took 5 or 6 big steps toward the band! And we got it on camera! We sure love sharing these precious exciting moments with you, buddy.

We celebrated at Nana's house in the morning with Great Uncle Ray and Great Aunt Connie, TT Nicole, and Keenan. It was a beautiful day and we took some family photos outside in the cool, clear weather. They turned out great for just some snapshots taken on momma's iPhone. The food was delicious and our tummies were full as we headed to your great Great Aunt Maribeth and Great Uncle Randy's house for our second Thanksgiving and round of family shenanigans and good food. 
It was a packed with friends and family, some new, some old, and you vibed off all the positive energy. You kept dancing with the dancing snowman and picking yourself up and taking steps all over the front room. You're really starting to take off and every time you try, you just get that must better. 

We ate, we laughed, we played games, we listened to your cousin Zack lay down some sweet tracks, and we headed over to your Aunt & Uncle Lal's house for a short sleep before meeting Grandma at 5 am for Black Friday shopping! We got you and your cousin hooked up with most of your Christmas and Birthday presents. It made for a 5am - 8pm day full of shopping, coffee, laughter, food, and good company. Your aunt Leslie was singing beautiful christmas carols as we drove from store to store to keep you happy. You sure love music. Even Auntie's acapella version of "O Come All Ye Faithful."

You slept when you needed to and though you were getting fussy by the end of the day, we were not surprised. You and Sydney were absolute troopers to let your crazy mommies drag you all about town in persuit of some great deals.

You are growing so fast and we are just doing our best to keep up with you. You are so sweet and easy going. You're happy to open up your mouth and give some nice sloppy kisses when you want to and we couldn't be happier to wipe your drool off my face after you give them. You'll be 1 next month and we get to celebrate Christmas for the first time together. We couldn't be more excited. You have a lot of people ready to give you fun toys and precious clothes. Let the party planning begin. Your first year of life is already coming to a close. How does it feel, buddy? We have loved (nearly) every minute of it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Mr. Finn,

Every day is a new surprise with you, little guy. Can you believe you are 10 months old already? It sure has been a fun month for us! We are already drenching in you in holiday tradition. Of course, we would do anything to see that little face light up.

We went on a rainy camping trip with your Aunt & Uncle and your cousin, Sydney. You two are really warming up to each other. Sydney had some reservations about this little baby that started coming around and sitting in her Momma's lap. That is her spot and she would have at least appreciated you asking her permission. Sydney showed you how to eat Crunch Berries and you showed her how to play with trucks. We stayed in the trailer most of the wet weekend but built a big fire and you and Sydney alternated taking naps throughout the day in the stroller. You sure do love being outside.

Your Mommas have been taking your uncle Jaiden to the pumpkin patch every year since he was 3 years old!! It was pretty special to take you with us this year, our fifth year in a row. It was wet (again) so we just bundled you up and strapped you onto your Momma's chest for safe transport. You were a total trooper as your uncle walked us around the entire patch looking for a round pumpkin with no green and a long stem. Finally we walked out with the perfect one and enjoyed a little bonfire and hot cocoa. 

We also went to the Harvest Fest in Hood River with your Grandma, Mike, Uncle Larry, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Silas, Sydney, and your Mommas for a little fall tradition, good food, and fresh fruit. Your Uncle Silas rented his dream car, a brand new Honda Odyssey mini-van. He was so happy to finally have an excuse to take 'er out for a spin. You are getting more and more adventurous and it is sometimes a little difficult to stay on the sidelines in the stroller but you did the best that you could! It is pretty awesome to continue our yearly traditions with you as a part of each one. You are a very flexible dude and don't mind a jam-packed social schedule.

We took your first two flights this month...nearly back to back. One week, your momma and you flew to Texas to meet your Nana and uncle Mike, aunt Amanda, and your cousins, Aaron, Aidan, and Ella. That was an adventure. It was almost 6 hours on a plane, 2 hour layover, and an hour long ride to uncle Mike's house. You slept most of the way but Momma was still getting over a cold and we were both very happy when we saw your grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins at the gate! In fact, you were so happy that you squealed out and started waving like you'd always known how. Ever since then, you started waving back to anyone who catches your glance.

It was good to be with family! It was quite the reunion with the energy of all 4 kids running and playing all around the house. Ella was very happy to help you finish your snacks in exchange for playing with all of her toys. You love making music and I barely saw you the whole weekend without her maraca in your hand. 

We went to the pond and fed turtles. There were tons of turtles, all different sizes, shapes, and colors. They kept coming out of nowhere, you could see their little heads poking out of the water as they swam toward us from across the pond. We spent some time down by the ocean and spotted sea turtles and pelicans on the pier. You even took your first ferry ride! You sure seemed to enjoy the sight seeing!! You really loved your cousin, Aiden in particular. You kept following him around the house and planting kisses on him. He was happy to claim you in return. He kept calling you "his baby."

As luck would have it, there was a Hurricane developing off the Gulf of Mexico near your uncle's house and the weather caused the airline to cancel our flight home. We had to arrive early for our new flight because Mommy left her ID on the plane to Texas and we needed extra time to clear security. 

The next several hours sort of went like this: Full pat-down and luggage search at security for Mommy. Thankfully, your Nana was traveling with us this time and you sat with her and flirted a bit with the TSA ladies. Weather conditions delayed the new flight schedule three times, by three hours. A lightning advisory at Corpus Christi airport would not allow fuel trucks to refuel our plane, leaving us on the runway for an additional 45 minutes. After we arrived in DFW Nana, Momma, and you (in stroller), sprinted and light railed more than 20 minutes through one of he busiest and largest airport in the country to make our connection flight home. We made our boarding call by 10 minutes!! You seemed to reach your limit on that last flight home. Your snacks seemed less exciting, toys less interesting, and Mommy and Nana less entertaining. We passed you back and forth as much as we could to mix it up and keep you comfortable but you were thrilled to get off the plane and see your Mommy!! Luckily, your carseat made the connection to our flight in Portland. Unluckily, none of the luggage did.

There was a lot of excitement between the tropical storm weather, meeting all those new family members, and over 10 hours in a plane, I guess we shouldn't have been too surprise that you caught some sort of bug. We got home late Saturday night and by Monday morning, you had a 103 degree temperature and couldn't do much but sleep and snuggle mommas. We already had a trip to Fort Collins planned the following Wednesday and we were relieved to see you snapping out of it Tuesday night and perked up to your normal self for the journey Wednesday morning. It was pretty heart wrenching to see you feeling so crummy for these first time mommies. You were feeling good enough to plant a few smooches on yourself when we arrived at the hotel in Denver Wednesday night.

Fort Collins with the Smallies was an absolute blast. You had a terribly upset tummy your first night there and didn't sleep for most of the night and your Mommies did their best to comfort you. Things turned around for you the next morning and, per usual, you loved being outside. Colorado was a great way for you to get outdoors and adventure. We bundled you up and took you to see your first snow. You thought it was delicious.

Halloween in Fort Collins was a very exciting evening on your first Trick-or-Treat experience. We met Willy Wonka, drank fizzy lifting drinks, and you kept showing off your new skill at waving hello and goodbye. 

It was an awesome trip and both the mountains and Ft. Collins were beautiful and serene. 

You did great during travel since you had both mommies on your flight home. You got a bit grumpy once we landed back in Portland. Memories that will last a lifetime...

This month flew by and the holidays sneaking up around the corner, our calendar is filling up quickly. Your birthday will be here before we know it! You have really developed a lot this month and we get excited about every little milestone. You are getting better and better at cruising your walker around the front room, feeding yourself snacks by taking bites of things like cookies or crackers, saying "mama" when you see one of your moms, and pointing to and recognizing objects that make you excited. You love small stuffed animals, trucks or anything with wheels, any toy that makes noise when you shake it or hit it against something, and sharing whatever your mommas are eating. 

We love you, Monkey. Can't wait to see what happens this month...

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Mr. Finn-

You are definitely giving your mommas a run for their money this month. You are a speed crawling machine. You love crawling around the house following The Mommas or your dog, Shane, everywhere they go. You crawl from one side of the living room from toy to toy stopping for a yogurt melt or two along the way. You LOVE to be picked up and held but you're also really enjoying your independent exloration time. You've gotten quite a few bonks on the head but we just can't stifle your adventerous spirit. 

Now that you've mastered your crawling skills, you're ready to stand on your on two feet, literally. You are steady on your feet and enjoy standing up and crankin' out some tunes on your music table (thanks Aunt Leslie!), cruising up and down the hallway on your walker, and pulling yourself up on everything from the couch, to the garden bed to smell Grandma's flowers, or to climb up your Mommas' legs. We even had to lower the crib to keep you from jumping out!

One of your favorite things to do is pull your self up on the back patio door and slap your little hands on the glass while you squeal at your dog. When Shane is inside, it is hard to keep you two apart. You're always crawling on him and using him as leverage in your leg work outs by grabbing on to his ears, head, or chest and lifting your little body up and down and up and down and over and around and back down again. That old dog just sighs and licks your face. Annoyed? Maybe. But definitely smitten. And patient.

You met more of your family from out of town. You, Sydney, Kennedy and Swen all went to the zoo with your Mommy, Aunt Leslie, and their cousin Shulamith and Aunt Terrianne. We all had a delicious dinner at your Nanny's house and it was really special to see so many generations in the same place at the same time. 

Your Momma, Carley, went on a business trip to Brazil for a whole week! It was just you and your other momma at home at the bachelor pad and let's just say we were all very happy to be reunited. It takes two Mommies to keep this house running. Luckily, you've been doing really great and you slept in your crib every single night until at least 6:00 or 7:00. It probably helped to see your momma everynight on FaceTime!

You are getting to be such a big boy! We are both so proud of how much you are learning and growing. You are so eager to try new things and see new places. You're becoming quite the Mommas' boy and that is no problem for us. All three of us will be happy when we get though your teething stage. Your two tiny bottom teeth are getting some company in that precious little mouth of yours as your top two teeth make their way in. They still haven't quite cut through but they are well on their way.

At your 9 month pediatrician check up, you weighed in at 21 pounds and 28 inches!! 

Dr. Devoe was very impressed by your strong legs and your ability to stand for a few seconds at a time unassisted. She said you were ahead of the curve! You aren't making too many words yet but you are a very vocal boy. We are currently working to break your habit of letting out a loud squeal every time you want more food. It makes dining out....very interesting.

You are such a beautiful boy and we love you so much. The Holiday Season is approaching and you have two very excited Mommas on your hands. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015



Hey there baby boy!

You're 8 months old and even though we wouldn't have thought it possible, we love you more every single day. We better just warn you now, you're destined for a life of "awww" and "you're so cute" and two very emotionally invested Mommas. We have absolutely loved this month. You are really starting to connect with us in the most precious of ways. Nothing seems to make you as happy as seeing a Momma after they've been away for a while a work. It sure melts our hearts. You light up and start jumping and clapping your tiny little hands together. It makes the days at work go by just a little faster and it makes shaking off the stress of work a whole lot easier.

You finally did it, little man, you inch-worm crawled your way all the across the room!

We couldn't believe it! You've really been working at it and apparently all we needed to do was tempt you with a little piece or two of watermelon! Now that you've got it down, your baby soft knees are feeling it. You're in the process of building up some calluses on your knees and they get all red when you've been crawling around a bit. 

We wouldn't be too surprised to see you take your first few steps on your own in the next month or two. We even thought you might just skip crawling all together. You are always pulling yourself up on things and standing solo for 5-10 seconds all by yourself. (We're sure when you read this, you won't think that's a big deal. Just wait til you have a baby of your own, Son.) Can't wait to see what you learn this month!

Speaking of being tempted by food, you are loving everything you eat! We are doing our best to find something that you don't like but we have had no luck. Your favorites are avocado, banana, melon, and oranges. You are always happy to share a piece or two of licorice or a few licks of a mommas' ice cream! You've sampled a few handfuls of sand and twigs which have all been well received. Nothing seems to sooth you as much as curling up with a fresh bottle.

You finally cut through your second tooth. Although we loved your single little "Popeye" tooth, your two bottom teeth fill up your precious little smile and help you chew up some of your favorite treats.

We went to the zoo for the first time with your Mommas and your uncle Jaiden. It was hot and a lot of the animals weren't out where we could see them. We spent a lot of time running your stroller through the misters stationed around the zoo while your uncle ran through them next to you. You did have an awesome interaction with a chimpanzee who picked his nose but other than being the cutest tiger in the zoo, you didn't seem to care about the big animals yet. It was no disappointment as you were in the best mood all afternoon and kept everyone's spirits up.

We met your Grandma, Mike, and Cameron at the Portland Soap Box Car Derby at Mt. Tabor Park. It was a riot. Some of the cars were really fast and others barely made it to the finish line. We saw a hungry, hungry hippo, pirate ship, slug, and R2-D2 cars. Maybe we will see our own derby car in the race next year...

You saw your great grandma and grandpa. If you can't tell by the photos, you were as fond of them as they are of you. Such a sweet thing to see.

Your fashion sense is on point. Its worth mentioning. You are one well-dressed gentleman.

You've also been keeping in touch with your two close friends, Landon and Wyatt. It will be really cool to see you all grow up together. We even met Stella, Wyatt's new baby sister. You aren't the youngest one in the group anymore, buddy!

We went on what we are sure will be the last camping trip of the summer. You and your cousin Sydney got some serious bonding time. It is really awesome to see the two of you creating memories together even before you'll remember them. We all got a kick out of watching you and Sydney play together, share your toys, and teach each other new things.

Also on the camping trip, we rented a pontoon boat and spent the entire day on the lake. You loved it. You didn't love the time spent in the life jacket but it didn't take you long to shake that off and take a little nap in the life jacket. You even took a few turns driving the boat! 

Watching you in nature definitely feels like watching you in your natural environment. You love being outdoors and seem to derive a sense of inner peace from it. In fact, you were so at ease, you were taking 3 naps a day! You love getting in the water and watching everything as it flew by you on the pontoon. We are so proud of how well you sleep in the tent, stay calm and relaxed by yourself (or with your cousin Sydney) in your pack and play while the Mommas tidied up around camp or cooked dinner.

You're the best, dude. You have changed our lives in so many ways and nothing seems to stay the same anymore. You are constantly changing and learning. You inspire us to be kinder, more patient, and genuinely show our love to one another. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015



Holy wow! I know we’ve said it before but the months are just cruising on by! This month in particular has been a huge developmental month for you and we are loving our front row view. You're almost crawling but seem to want to skip right to walking. Your Johnny Jump up at your Nanny's and your walker at home are definitely getting some use. You even "drove" a fire truck! Don't grow up too fast, buddy. 

You've started imitating sounds and words that you hear and regularly send yourself into giggling spells that light up the whole house. You're picking up your yogurt melts and other snacks and making about 80% of them all the way to your mouth. 

As always, your smile is permanently glued to your face making it impossible to stay frustrated with you for any length of time. You have spoiled us by sleeping through the night pretty much from the time we brought you home. You are giving it your best efforts but some nights you just need to snuggle your mommas while your second tooth makes its debut. Between Mommas and Nanny Cheryl, you've been on many grocery store runs this month for your absolute favorite teething pain reliever: celery! (its also worth noting that you had your first successful unassisted shopping cart ride in your Tigger outfit below...)

In addition to your celery, you are quite the adventurous eater. You've eaten momma's homemade avocado & banana purees, cantaloupe, snow peas, and you especially love oranges and yogurt. So far, we haven't seen much that you haven't enjoyed. 

We celebrated your first 4th of July at your Aunt & Uncle Lal's house and your Papa and cousin Sydney! You and Sydney were both excited about the fireworks as long as you possibly could stand it. It made for a late night and each of you were snuggled up sleeping on your mommas by the time they fizzled out... 

We welcomed a new member to our family this month, Ursula the African Leopard Tortoise. We drove out to Oregon City to pick her up and met her mom, Tank. She weighed more than 30 pounds! Ursula is almost a year old, fits in the palm of your mom's hand and will hopefully grow up to be as big and beautiful as her mommy.

This month has brought a lot of snuggling and a lot of laughing. You love to play with toys, dogs, books, food, and of course, your Moms!

Your first summer is one of record breaking PDX temperatures and trying to beat the heat has been tough. Between your rubber ducky pool, a roasting pan, or your first trip to the family river spot, Wagon Wheel, you have taken to the water like a true Webster. We are so proud of you! On your first trip to the river, you waded right in without hesitation! You were the cutest babe on the beach!
Searching for more fun in the sun, we headed to the 2015 Sandy Mountain Festival. Sandy is where your mom, Julia, grew up. It was really special to take you there and watch you soak up the sights around you. You are so curious and anxious to learn, see and try new things. Your Nana and Aunt Connie are absolutely smitten with you and the entire morning turned out to be an excellent event for all of us.

You also helped your Mommy, Julia, and Nanny Cheryl "babysit" Ethan and Gwen while their mom, Brooke, was working with your other mommy, Carley. We all had too much fun at OMSI and Bullwinkles playing with shark teeth, learning how to unload a crane, and laughing at Gwen and Ethan while they completed an electric current. Of course, you napped when you needed to and almost made it the full three days before losing your cool. We actually slept like a rock that night. Such a trooper.

Little dude, your social calendar keeps your mommas busier than ever. We are doing our best to keep up with you and loving (almost) every minute of it. Can't wait to see where you'll take us next!

-The Mommas