Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Mr. Finn-

The months are just flying by, little guy. You are making the world fall in love with you. Watching you grow and learn is an absolute joy. Its been a very social month for you but you've been a trooper all the way.

One of the most enjoyable moments for your mommies this month was probably our very first Mother's Day as a family. We packed up and headed to Seaside to enjoy the beach together for the day. We set up our sunshade on the beach and watched you play in the sand (and eat a little bit of sand) and tell stories to us at the top of your lungs. Your smile and little voice are infectious.

 We spent the next few days with the rest of the family which made for a perfect weekend.


You have been growing up so fast, we can barely keep up with you! At your last pediatrician appointment, you weighed 16 lbs. and 12 oz. (+9lbs 14oz since birth) and 25.75 inches long (+6.25in since birth). You have started to recognize both of your momma's, finally realized that we have dogs, eating Stage 1 baby foods (bananas and carrots are your favorite), laughing, playing with toys and putting everything in your mouth. The last few weeks, you've even given a few solid attempts at holding your own bottle and putting your pacifier in your mouth.


The weather has been excellent so we've been spending a lot of time together on walks and in the sun.

A lot of celebrations this month as well!! You celebrated Red Nose Day, your aunt Katie's birthday, your aunt Sam's doctorate dissertation, and your momma Carley's birthday. Momma's birthday this year was pretty special because your great grandma and grandpa, and your great aunt and uncle came to town to celebrate. We all spent the day together enjoying our city and you got to know a whole other side of your family. You sat through Aunt Sam's dissertation and you were so quiet that no one even knew there was a baby in the room! The heat ended up getting the better of you that day but you were a total champ the whole time!

You are growing and changing everyday, Mr. Finn. You are so bright-eyed and tender that you instantly melt the hearts of everyone you meet, you sweet little boy. Get ready for a life full of smooches from your mommas. We sure love ya.

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