Tuesday, March 31, 2015



You're 3 Months Old. Wow how the time has just flown right on by. We have really been getting to know each other. We can't believe how fast you're growing! You're already wearing 6-9 month size clothing, growing out of clothing every week, and moved up to 3-12 month sock size! Its hard to believe that just 12 weeks ago, we were holding a tiny 6-pound baby in our arms!

We took our first trip to the famous Portland Saturday Market with Grandma and bought you a precious little hat. 

You are quite the social guy these days, the phone is always ringing off the hook with people asking to see you. Your cousin Sydney thinks that you make your pacifier look so cool, she keeps trying it out for herself. She still isn't 100% sold on it but it doesn't stop her from trying. You also met your friend, Wyatt, this month and he sure loves you! He gave you your first rattle and learned how to hold you to practice for his new little sister on the way! Watching the two of you together was almost enough to make your mommies consider giving you a brother or sister...

This month has brought us all A LOT of wardrobe changes. Your spitting-up has really piqued and you set a record for 8 outfits in a single day. To top it off, you've also given both mommas their first poopy diaper blowout experiences!! Just joyful, stinky, handfuls of love. 

One thing is for sure different this month...your smile. You are always smiling. You've had your moments of untamable crying fits and grumpy, sleepy, fussiness, but you are generally found with a smile on your face. Its impossible not to smile right back at you. For the last week or so, you've even been able to lift your head up just long enough to give a few laughs!

You are growing up so fast, you had your first sleepover at grandma's house! You were perfect, of course, and gave the mommies a much needed night of sleep. 

We are working on tummy time to strengthen those neck muscles so you can finally sit up all the way, you're almost there, little guy! You have a lot of family and friends who love you, and care for you and two moms who don't know what they would do without you. You are bringing joy into the lives of many with your beautiful smile and piercing blue eyes. We are surprised and amazed by you every day and can't wait to watch you keep growing.


The Mommas

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  1. Gonna love these with every one that gets penned. Isn't it amazing how quickly they change and just how much they change US?